George Harrison

Last night I had the most amazing dream. I dreamed I was wearing a red fuzzy coat and my mother (who has passed away 10 years) asked me to ask the gentleman down the hall to come into the room. I went to get him and it was a 30 year old George Harrison complete with beard and long hair. I was amazed. He entered the room and immediately I recognized that the rest of the Beatles were in the room. He cried and hugged John Lennon and suddenly I was running out of the room which was a recording studio and down a long hallway full of people. But I could see myself and my red jacket.

I got to the end of the hallway and sitting on a stage was a 17 year old George Harrison strumming a guitar.I told him who I was and that I was from the future.I told him to please promise me that he would go see John in June of 1980 and to warn him that in December he would be shot. I kept telling him to promise me he would. I told him that he would know I was telling the truth because Ronald Regan the actor would be running for President. I told George that he was truly intelligent and that he should get into meditation to which he replied that he was thinking about that. He asked me what was going to happen to him and I told him that he would get cancer and die but not to worry that he had a son that looked exactly like him and that people would find comfort in that. He got up and started to leave and I again made him promise to visit John in June of 1980 and to warn him. I told him that history wasn’t written in stone and he replied “No its written in rock n roll.”. Which I thought was pretty clever.

Sad thing is I have had multiple dreams in which I have tried to warn John who refuses to believe me that he is going to get shot and in one dream he even said “I promise I will go out that night and nothing will happen.” He did go out that night and he still got shot.

If only time travel truly worked that way. That we could go in a dream and warn others and they would listen. Thanks for reading this post.